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Our Goal

To share and teach the wonderful sport of wrestling to all youth.

To build lasting friendships and teamwork.

To make every experience fun and exciting.

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Why Wrestling?

Wrestling is a great sport that is both team & Individual based.

Helps to prepare for other sports.

Wrestlers have been found to be the hardest working in and out of the sport

Welcome to Arrowhead Lake Country Wrestling Club!

  • Friends together
  • Taking 1st
  • 3rd Place team!
  • All together
  • Getting the win
  • Making the circles
  • STATE!!!

Lake Country Arrowhead Wrestling

Club Overview

 Vision Statement

To be a program that instills the love of wrestling in all of its athletes while developing basic and competitive wrestling skills. 


Guiding Principals

         Provide a positive environment where young athletes learn key life lessons through wrestling.  These lessons include:

1. Have Fun:  Sports should be fun, we are building for the future

2.  Commitment: Set goals and work hard to achieve those goals

3.  Accountability: Take personal accountability for ones actions 

4.  Respect: Your parents, coaches, teammates, opponents, and self

5.  Hard Work: Learn the value that hard work results in



Coaching Philosophy

·       Understanding that they are role models for young athletes, coaches will always act in a way that provides positive, wholesome examples to our wrestlers and opponents.


·       Provide an environment where young athletes can improve their wrestling skills in preparation to become successful High School wrestlers.


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Contact Us

Arrowhead Lake Country Wrestling

Phone: 262-443-6927